MVW 2018 - 2nd Runway Challenge - Myth & Legend -

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                                ****STYLE BRIEFING****
For your second runway presentation, we would like to see a look INSPIRED by your most favorite MYTH or LEGEND. This does not include fairy tales! When we say inspired, we do not want to see a copy of any of the looks of this MYTH or LEGEND, rather a look inspired by it. Interpret the looks yourself, but it MUST be very High Fashion! You are free to use MYTHS and LEGENDS out of your own country, of course.

Your aim is to create a high fashion and impressive outfit, with a wow factor.

Styling card : 

C) Mermaid Blue Mesh skirt w/flex
Kaithleen's Boudoir body Maitreya
Irrisistible - Octopus skirt blue

!dM LittleChina - Ribbon headpiece
MG - Beach Castaway necklace & earrings.
Exile - Liaison
Zenith - Siren Mermaid headpiece
[*K*] Boho ring collection Bento
Swallow - Pixie ears
[MANDALA] - Takara bangle purple

Background : 

I was inspired by the Breton Legend of Dahut. Also called Ahes, she was a princess present in several Breton legends.
In the story of the drowning of Ys, the king's daughter Dahut is the cause, and she becomes a sea morgen.

Mari morgans are Welsh and Breton water spirits that drown men. They may lure men to their death by their own sylphic beauty, or with glimpses of underwater gardens with buildings of gold or crystal. They are also blamed for heavy flooding that destroys crops or villages. 
The morgens are eternally young, and like sirens they sit in the water and comb their hair seductively. 

Tales of morgens are preserved in the British countryside, even in some parts of South West England. One example from western Somerset has a fisherman adopt an infant morgen, only to lose her when she grows up and returns to her parents' underwater palace.

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