MVW 2018 - 1st Photo Challenge -

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Barnum and Bailey was the most famous circus in the world. From the trapeze, clowns, contortionists, Jugglers, and talents animals; It was by far the most entertaining show on earth. There were also other circuses that brought more focus upon the choreography and contortionists are of bringing the style and wow of the big top circus yet it showed that style and grace ruled also. You were now tasked with presenting each act that would come out and perform for the audience. Being the announcer/presenter of the Barnum and Bailey Circus meets Cirque De Soleil you know you have to be somewhat of a spectacle yourself.

"Style a high fashion couture look that is circus inspired with an edge. You have no limit to how edgy you would like to go to create that Big Top/Cirque De Soleil haute couture look."

Photographer : Asia Rae

Model : Roxaane Fyanucci

Styling card :

[[Masoom]] Daphne 

Gizza - Dropped Collar jacket shoulders & Glam Rock suit feathers

JUMO Fashion -  The Spectre of the sun feathers, jewels, sceptre.

Wicca's Wardrobe - Boots & Fishnet.

No Match - No Halo

Birth make up 

Background story :

When Barnum and Bailey Circus meets Cirque Du Soleil , it's a fabulous spectacle you're going to see ! The most fantastic performances in the world. Traditions of Barnum and Bailey circus and modernity of the Cirque du Soleil are here ! Fantastic tigers, lions and horses will be doing the show for you ! The acrobats of the Cirque du Soleil, who are for the most part of the former professional reconverted sportsmen are not going to miss to dazzle you. Our friends clowns are going to amuse you ! 
Then Ladies and Gentlemen, parents and children, get ready to assist to the most fabulous show that you never saw ! They are all there for you !

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