MVW 2018 - Finale -



National Outfit : IrrISIStible

Showcase Outfit : HYPNOSE

Un énorme merci à vous deux !


IrrISIStible - Lelutka


HYPNOSE - FELLINI COUTURE - -:zk:- -ZIBSKA - JUMO Fashion - Dulce Secrets - Vanity Hairs

MVW 2018 - Live Interview -

MVW 2018 - Live Interview

Styling card : 


Decor : Dust Bunny/Trompe Loeil

╰☆╮MVW 2018 - 3rd Photo Challenge - SPORTSWEAR TRENDS 2018

Here is your Third Picture Challenge with the theme "SPORTSWEAR TRENDS 2018"

                                    ****STYLE BRIEFING****

Think Spiced up ski jackets, rainbow tracksuits, retro gilets, and cozy fleeces.  Totally Modern and no holds barred.  Show us your best sportwear look for a very cold SuperBowl tailgate party making the most of Winter 2018 Sportwear and Jacket trends. 

Photographer : Asia Rae. ( Asia PhotoStudio)

Model : Roxaane Fyanucci

Styling card : 

Seul - Robyn puffer navy -
Hypnose - Soraya pants.
Blacklace - Anais electric lace set

[MANDALA] - LEGACY oasis necklace & earrings.

-:zk:- Isis shoes Maitreya

No Match - No lie.

Background : 

Roxaane is wearing a very modern and total Sportswear look to go with his friends to the SuperBowl party.
She's ready to impress everyone, and, as she love sport, she's very confortable wearing this outfit. Sportswear with elegance and modern trend, she's ready to support his favorite team and have fun. She's a sexy fashionista of the stadium.

MVW 2018 - 3rd Runway - Tribute Antonio Marras -

For this 3rd runway, we had to do a styling inspired by the Antonio Marras Spring 2018 collection.

Styling card : 

Fellini Couture, Ison, AZUL, Elegance Boutique, Modern Couture, -:zk:- Truth Hairs, Rainbow make-up by Jumo Fashion, Cazimi nails set, Truth hairs.

MVW 2018 - 2nd Photo Challenge- The Silver Ostrich -

                                    ****STYLE BRIEFING****

A flurry of feathers, for a touch of couture, white, stylish combined with Silver metallic fabrics providing a modern twist on quilted fashions.   Style a unique, fashion-forward look combining these two Winter 2018 styling trends. 

The Silver Ostrich

Photographer : Asia Rae

Model : Roxaane Fyanucci

Styling card : 

Clef de Peau - Kate dress sequin silver
Ison - Gina Jacket Cross Arm
Bauhaus Movement - Kirin Armor shoulder silver.
::GB:: Gladiator Shoulder Fur/ White

Avaway Silver B&W Summer ring
Meva Bento hand Piercing
Meva Corellis Boots white/silver
Meva Dee Bento ring silver
Meva Dee Necklace silver
Nutmeg & Entwined Cameron
Dulce secret make-up

Background : 

For this challenge, I looked at the links provided and I knew exactly what I wanted to style.
I imagined myself a beautiful day of skiing and an evening in the most smart and the trendiest club where to relax and to party with the music. A mix of fashion music and Haute Couture style.
Styling and shooting photo were made the same day, the day we received the notecard. and 3 days later, my pictures were ready.
I have this magic relation with my SL sister Asia Rae, when I ask her for a shooting, she always accept. This time, I just told her my styling will be silver and white with some feathers, and she just look at me when I arrived for the shooting and without I say nothing more, we were connected on the same way and she realise exactly the background I imagine.

We share the same passions about mountains and ski and I'm very gratefully to have Asia in my SL life, and supporting each other.

MVW 2018 - 2nd Runway Challenge - Myth & Legend -

                                ****STYLE BRIEFING****
For your second runway presentation, we would like to see a look INSPIRED by your most favorite MYTH or LEGEND. This does not include fairy tales! When we say inspired, we do not want to see a copy of any of the looks of this MYTH or LEGEND, rather a look inspired by it. Interpret the looks yourself, but it MUST be very High Fashion! You are free to use MYTHS and LEGENDS out of your own country, of course.

Your aim is to create a high fashion and impressive outfit, with a wow factor.

Styling card : 

C) Mermaid Blue Mesh skirt w/flex
Kaithleen's Boudoir body Maitreya
Irrisistible - Octopus skirt blue

!dM LittleChina - Ribbon headpiece
MG - Beach Castaway necklace & earrings.
Exile - Liaison
Zenith - Siren Mermaid headpiece
[*K*] Boho ring collection Bento
Swallow - Pixie ears
[MANDALA] - Takara bangle purple

Background : 

I was inspired by the Breton Legend of Dahut. Also called Ahes, she was a princess present in several Breton legends.
In the story of the drowning of Ys, the king's daughter Dahut is the cause, and she becomes a sea morgen.

Mari morgans are Welsh and Breton water spirits that drown men. They may lure men to their death by their own sylphic beauty, or with glimpses of underwater gardens with buildings of gold or crystal. They are also blamed for heavy flooding that destroys crops or villages. 
The morgens are eternally young, and like sirens they sit in the water and comb their hair seductively. 

Tales of morgens are preserved in the British countryside, even in some parts of South West England. One example from western Somerset has a fisherman adopt an infant morgen, only to lose her when she grows up and returns to her parents' underwater palace.

╰☆╮MVW 2018 - 1st runway - URBAN SKIN

MVW 2018 - 1st Runway - URBAN SKIN

Cozy Materials in sand and camel tones with soft lines: sheepskins are the natural choice. Dynamic with an athletic and urban edge.  Pair this with the 2018 trend of checked patterns and flannel being sure to capture the perfect look for an urban winter 2018.

Your aim is to create a high fashion and impressive outfit, with a wow factor.

DO - Mix and Match your clothing from 3 DESIGNERS (accessories are not included)

Styling card : 

::GB:: Chester coat Maitreya Yellow.
Diram - Kim belt nude
Lybra - Sadie top Clay
[AR] - Asia Rae Carissa outfit body sand
The Messia - Shi : Baruch Berms V1. Beige

[[Masoom]] Claire gloves Maitreya
-:zk:- Mallaury Heels
Avaway - Carrie necklace
Entwined - Alexis

Make-up Dulce Secrets Cultured Eyeshadow Lelutka applier
CAZIMI Nails - Blustery

Background story :

For this Urban second skin styling, I inspired myself about some stylist as Yohji Yamamoto, Sebastian Gunawan and Issey Miyake. I keep in mind the styling must be dynamic with an athletic and urban edge. So I mixed men and women outfits, for a natural look with some original touch on it. Roxaane is a dynamic and natural woman and don't hesitate to go out his confort zone to innovate with this urban winter styling, mixing sand and camels tones, soft lines and she's ready for his favorite season.