THE FANTASY ANGELS Company- Casting 2016

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It was a crazy saturday for me, because I'm involved in a lot of projects and I had to work on it, so I were running all my saturday afternoon, jongling between meeting with a designer working on my Miss France formal, running to a reherseal with Models Giving Back, blogging for some brands, working for my management positions and finally I were in time for the Fantasy Angels.

40 ladies in the backstage, I were so anxious for the lag but it seems that my computer were in a good move that day and finally I were quiet with the lag. I remember some advices Eleseren gives me for my MVW and I practice them on the Fantasy Angels backstage.

So, it was a funny evening and a great experience. Here is my styling card and the pictures of my outfit. Now, waiting for the results of the TOP 20.

For this casting, I have chosen to inspire me about my own vision of the Victoria's secret Angels. Sure, I have looked all the links we have got, but, I do my own interpretation, working with the style of my avatar and playing with some kawaii style. I have played too with textures and retexturing and scripts.

:::B@R:::Pink infinito Lady back ( retextured).
Astralia - Strawberries wreath
[MANDALA] - MIYABI - corsage ( retextured)
Bowtique - Strawberry earring - sweet strawberry ring
Christmas stockings
Fraisine Dress - Jarretiere - shoes - Belles Parisiennes
Slip strawberrygirly -
Strawberry hat ( I have added a rotation script)
Collar Mary Poppins - Boudoir
Hyperion A & B - Zibska
{MUA} - Lipstick fruit Strawberry - Make up eyes only Autumn

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