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lundi, novembre 16, 2015 Roxaane Fyanucci 0 Comments

Yesterday, there was the Fantasy Angels Pink party. I were on it but my heart and my mind don't be, they were in real life, to support the people victims of the horror in my country, in French.

After having the great honor to have be selectionned for Models Giving back, yesterday I have the honor to become a Fantasy Angels finalist.

Here the list of the 40 finalists - congrats to all the ladies - ; and a picture of my styling for the Pink Party yesterday. It were an exclusive of Belles Parisiennes which be sold in few days at the mainstore. Thank you Cachou to do me the surprise to work on this dress for me. PosESioN pose and enVOGUE Layka hairs.

1. Issy Flatley.
2. Spirit Llewellyn.
3. Lilia668 Resident.
4. Gisa Bayan.
5. Crista Wellens. (chillicalifornia)
6. DjRose Athena.
8. Rehana Seljan.
9. Chantal Resident (Eva Muse).
10. AddyOmena.
11. Portia Pexington.
12. VanessaDelRio Underwood.
13. Averil.
14. Sydney420 Ashbourne.
15. Memole Gina.
16. Misoindite Romano.
17. Payton Heron.
18. Giselle Chauveau.
19. Catalina Staheli.
20. Danity Mynx
21. Hanna Lunna Naimarc.
22. Lolita Paragorn.
23. Roxaane Fyanucci.
24. Trinity Aironaut.
25. marienart denver.
26. Milla Crumb.
27. njegovanka.
29. Eva Madenwald.
30. Jaily Bailey.
31. Mermaid Rubble.
32. Scarlet Lenoirre.
33. stregavento Nguy.
34. maile michinaga.
35. quinty sirnah.
36. saori440.
37. Sienna Bellios.
38. Diamondgem Destiny.
39. JonelleDevonshire.
40. Aradia Aridian.


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